People come up to me and ask me, “Please what should I do to make money online”, I always say “Affiliate Marketing” and there’s a big reason to this. Affiliate marketing Is one of my favourite business opportunity for anyone.

Starting with affiliate marketing, you do not need any startup cost; you don’t need to worry about business expenses, profitability, etc…

Because with affiliate marketing, how it functions is that it really does not need, or has many expenses.
You can get started with Affiliate Marketing Business from ₦0.00 but, to make the most out of it, it’s recommended you have a budget of around ₦10,000 – ₦50,000 .

Because to sign up with bigger affiliate marketing platforms, which offers high commission of around 40% – 90% to their affiliates, have an afffilate sign up cost.

And talking about the best affiliate marketing platform In Nigeria, my recommendation goes to Expertnaire!


Look no further Affiliate Marketing is the answer, and this 72IG training program by Toyin Omotoso, a seasoned internet marketer, hosted on the Expertnaire affiliate markeying platform.

The 72IG course trains you on how to make at least ₦350,000 – ₦700,000 per month by recommending valuable problem solving digital products to those in need of them.

The 72IG course is the best affiliate marketing course in Nigeria. 

↓ What Is 72IG? 

The 72IG course contains over 12 modules and more than 12 videos of hands-on training where Toyin will take you through every single step of the 72IG Method. Everything from how to create a compelling copy to maximise sales and lead generation through to exactly what you should do.

Each Lesson Is Short, Actionable And Up-To-Date.

By the time you have worked through the course, you will learn to make money from selling digital products online. And the reason I’m so sure this will work for you is that so many of Toyin’s students, including me, have already done it.

The course also includes printable templates and step by step instructions to make everything as simple as possible for you. And if you already have an Instagram that’s doing ok, we will show you how to put that into hyper-drive and get you the results you really deserve.

In-Depth Training

From beginner to expert, no matter where you are in your journey, 72IG will teach you how to reach the next level.

Quality Teacher

Toyin Omotoso is tried-and-tested strategy to help you elevate in a collaborative, educational, and supportive environment.

Supportive community

Get access to an awesome community, where you’ll be able to get advice and feedback, connect with other students and find a friend.

Continious Support

Toyin's course isn't "Finish and forget". The courses are regularly updated with the latest strategies.

  • #1:    How to find and attract your target audience and build a mass following of leads fast.
  • #2:   How to structure your page and content to attract followers.
  • #3:   How to turn your followers into email subscribers and buyers.
  • #4:   How to avoid the rookie mistakes that most make.
  • And so much more!

Personal Testimoney

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Some Of The Payment Received
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5/5 stars rating from 1000+ students

Pay ₦50,000 Instead of ₦62,500

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The original 72IG training course – Value ₦62,500
  • 1 year affiliate account on Expertnaire – Value ₦10,000
  • Webpage Builder & Pre-designed Templates – FREE
  • Email Marketing Templates – Value N250,000
  • Access to the FB 72IG Support Group – FREE
  • 50% Commission on the 721G Implementation Program
  • 2 in 1 Exclusive Bonus – Value ₦15,000

At the moment, the course is ₦62,500. 

Just seconds after you complete your order, you’ll get access to the training modules. You can dive right in and start implementing the proven techniques starting today!

Accordion ContenAny legal methods! You’re not put in a box as to how you can market your products. You would be taught on numerous ways to make it work and you can use any/all of those methodst

All you need is a phone or PC and an internet connection. Everything else is provided.

A lot of affiliate marketers with Expertnaire do a lot of other businesses. If you make use of the trainings properly, you would be able to make money from affiliate marketing even when you’re sleeping. (More on that in the class).

Yes. If you successfully do all that is taught in the class and use the resources and it doesn’t work for you after 3 months, you can ask for a refund and it will be given.

No, Expertnaire doesn’t function on any form of referral so you get to make your own money without any external party being involved.

5/5 stars rating from 1000+ students

Pay ₦50,000 Instead of ₦62,500

When you sign-up expertnaire using my link, you gain full access to my Resource Files and Tool kits to help you make sales quickly after signing up expertnaire through the 72IG programme.

instead of paying N62,500 with just your N50,000, you can get started. 
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Go ahead, I’m waiting. 

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