Finbaze Templates - Expertnaire Resource Files For Quick Sales

Because this is a premium program, I went ahead to couple all the resources I have used to close 6 figures on the platform, top affiliates on Expertnaire have used and other 72IG pros; including the sales copies, templates, live classes, and much more. 

Why? To help you kick up immediately and start marking money without wasting more of your money, saving you time, energy and resources.

Reason 2:  Use what is already working and have results you need quick. 

These resources you are about to get actually took me Time, Energy, and Resources to prepare.


I suspended my business for weeks just to get all of these resources so you can get started with Expertnaire via the 72IG program and make money – without moving a muscle or complaints of no sales.  

But What’s The Essence?

A lot of people have come to me and complained that they joined Expertnaire and yet nothing to show forth – Zero Money Made.

The thing is, the best way to Join Expertnaire remains via the 72IG Program.

Why? Because you get educated on how to sell all the products on Expertnaire website and make money for yourself.

The alternative is to go to Google and YouTube and learn how Affiliate marketing works, how to run profitable campaigns, how to close sales, and scaling your online business – all these lessons are sparingly available in the public domain. 

The advantage of the 72IG program is that everything you need to start affiliate marketing and sell products on the Expertnaire website and make money too, like thousands of other affiliates is available in the program – in one place – through the 72IG program – Lesson 1. And the 72IG WhatsApp program – Lesson 2

If you are okay with the disclaimer, then I can assure you of making at least a minimum N150,000+ on Expertnaire after your first 40-75 days Implementing the 72IG program and Using My Resource.

The confidence is, if I and others have used the same and gotten results, then you will.

These Resources Includes:

➡️ 3 short training videos – (simplified).
➡️ 5+ Sales templates.

Then, there are additional helpful resources.

If you have any questions regarding the information or files found on my resource, message me via
Contact   Email or Telegram.

Let’s start. 

Resource #1. Income Proofs and How to use Expertnaire like an Expert in 30 minutes – video

In this video you will learn:

 The truth whether Expertnaire is Scam or Legit.

 Understanding your Expertnaire Dashboard.

 The number of products I have sold and the traffic methods I’ve used.

 How to select products on Expertnaire

 How to copy and shorten your links for-Affiliate Marketing

 Understanding sales views and visits on Expertnaire products.

 How To add your banking details for payment on Fridays.

↓ Resource II 

Resource #2. 5 Pre-Designed Converting Landing Page Templates

Use any of these landing pages for WhatsApp, Email Marketing, and Facebook Advertising.

P.S: don’t copy verbatim. Do well to edit the content. ✌

 Sample One click here to see (Facebook ads + Email marketing)

 Sample Two – click here to see (Facebook ads + WhatsApp marketing)

 Sample Threeclick here to see (Forum + WhatsApp Marketing)

️ Sample Fourclick here to see (Google Ads + WhatsApp marketing)

 Sample 5click here to see (Facebook ads + WhatsApp marketing)

NOTE: Check out a video on how to build it yourself. And if you can’t build yourself, I will do it for you for free.

↓ Resource III 

Resource #3. – Four Premium Books For You

Read This Books:

Book One Sell Like Crazy (By Sabri Suby)

Book Two – How To Sell To Nigerians (By Akin Alabi)

Book Three – No Excuses – The Power of Self – Discipline  (By Brian Tracy)

Book Four – Think and Grow Rich  (By Napoleon Hill)

Think and grow rich, How to sell to Nigerians,

↓ Resource IV 

Resource #4.
How To Build a Smart Website for Expertnaire Marketing/Online Business?

➡ Step 1 – Get a domain name.

A domain name is what your website or landing page will be known as.

For example,,, and are domain all domain names.

We will get this soon together with a hosting service.

➡ Step 2. Get a hosting

A hosting service is what will keep your website online.

It’s just like having Facebook account but you cannot access it because you do not have mobile data to browse.

Mobile Data here is like a hosting service that allows your website to be online.


How to get a Domain name and Hosting

You can choose to have both a domain and hosting account on one platform. And at the same time, you can buy a domain name from Service A and Hosting from Service B – if you think that it is cheaper.

The following services is what I have used personally, and I recommend so you do not experience failure – your site going offline periodically.

️ Check out Domain and Hosting on

➡ Step 3. Connect Domain to Hosting

Some web hosting domain and hosting integrations are automatic, but if the one you choose is not, you can contact the support to help you out.

Step 4. Install WordPress

The last phase is installing WordPress to get your site up and going.

Check the email sent to you from the web hosting and you will see cPanel details.  Click and access it.

Go to cPanel > login > go to Softaculous > click on WordPress > enter some entries asked > click on Install.  Done.

️ Best hack: I will guide you while you  build a full front-end (wordpress) website for your online business – ALL FREE.

Yes, I can take the stress off your shoulder. What to do is this. 

↓ Resource V 

Resource #5. Full WhatsApp Marketing Live Class

When you sign up,

Step 1. You will get a live view of how to use WhatsApp Marketing to sell products and make money with the 72ig program on Expertnaire.

Step 2. You will get to see how the class started. The marketing method that was used to bring in people into the WhatsApp Class, the interaction with prospects in the class.

Step 3. How digital product sales closing is done!

Step 4. Best hack? You are getting the EXACT CONTENT AS A DOCUMENT to use and make sales as well. The only thing to edit is YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS.

↓ Resource VI 

Resource #5. Private Q&A Support Group 

️ When you sign up, you get admitted to our Private Sales Group for easy access to help.

 Get updates on new sales hacks and discoveries

 Ask me your questions when in doubt or got a concern.

↓ Resource VII 

Resource #6.  (Bonus)

️ How To Create A Working & Permanent PayPal Account That Can Send and Receive Fund Here In Nigeria.

️ You’ll also get a free Landing Page completely setup for you (serving as your funnel).